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Hit List

Feeder 650

Feeder 650

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Introducing the game-changing Hit List Feeder 650, the ultimate solution for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts seeking convenience and durability in their feeding systems. This revolutionary feeder is thoughtfully engineered to enhance your wildlife management experience, offering effortless assembly within a mere 10 minutes. Built with efficiency in mind, it guarantees minimal hassle and maximum productivity.

 All timers come with a 5 year warranty serviced through West Texas Feeder Supply

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Built with

16-gauge materials

Crafted with sturdy 16-gauge materials, the Hit List Feeder 650 stands as a beacon of strength and resilience, designed to withstand the elements and endure the test of time. Its robust structure ensures longevity, providing a reliable feeding solution for years to come.

Useful Design


Featuring a stand-and-fill design, this feeder is tailored for your ease and comfort. With the capacity to hold up to 650 pounds of corn feed and an additional 500 pounds of mineral feed, the Hit List Feeder 650 minimizes the need for frequent refills, allowing you to focus on what matters most - enjoying your time in the wild.


Hit List Anchors

To further ensure stability, this feeder comes equipped with eight earth anchors, providing an added layer of security and preventing any unwanted movement. With its comprehensive design and steadfast construction, the Hit List Feeder 650 is a game feeder that you can depend on, making it an essential addition to any hunting or wildlife management arsenal. Gear up for a seamless and efficient feeding experience with the Hit List Feeder 650.

Feeder 650 FAQ

What is the correct leg height for my region?

Adjusting leg sizes may be necessary by region for deer height. In the Midwest and North we recommend removing legs and screw in bolts completely then re-inserting the legs.

How much feed will a deer eat in a day?

It depends on range and habitat conditions, but deer will typically consume 0.75% -1.5% body weight of Record Rack when it is provided free choice. They will typically consume around 2.5%-3% of their bodyweight if they are being fed a complete diet, such as in a fenced pen.

How long should I expect it to take to get the deer to start coming regularly to the feeder?

This depends on deer density, feeder location, pressure and other environmental factors, however typically it will take 2-3 weeks before deer become comfortable at a new feed site.

Will moldy feed hurt the deer?

Do not feed molded feed to deer. Moldy feed can cause some digestive or reproductive issues if consumed, but deer will typically not consume molded feed.

If using feeders, it is a good idea to periodically thoroughly clean out the inside of the feeder to help prevent buildup of feed, which will in turn reduce the possibility of mold building up.